During the master you will receive tuition from top experts from all four universities as well as guest lecturers.

Biswa Bhattacharya
Biswa Bhattacharya, joined as a senior lecturer the Hydroinformatics and Knowledge Management Department in 2005 after he graduated for his PhD with his thesis "Learning from data for Aquatic and Geotechnical Environment". He also holds a MSc degree in Hydroinformatics (with Distinction) from the same IHE Delft Institute for Water Education and a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) from Bengal Engineering and Science University, India.
Christian Bernhofer
Director of Institute and Professor and Head of Meteorology, TU Dresden
Current research topics:
Regional Climate and Climate Change, Water and carbon budgets, Land use and climate feedbacks
Honorary posts:
Member of the Editorial boards of Theoretical and Applied Climatology and of Agricultural and Forest Meteorology
Spokesman of the Dresden Water Centre
Dean of Research, Faculty of Forest, Geo and Hydro Sciences, TU Dresden
Mitja Brilly
Professor of Hydrology and Water Management, University of Ljubljana
Head of the Chair of Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering
Chairman of the Slovenian National Committee for the IHP UNESCO
Head of the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Study Programme in Environmental Protection
Member of the research and development work commission of UL
Allan Bateman Pinzon
Professor in hydraulics, specialised in numerical modelling. He has implemented various numerical models for the solution of rapid variable flow, with and without sediment transport. He also works in the experimental field with sediment transport and erosion in rivers. He has been in charge of various projects within public and private enterprises. A priority is the study of flow resistance in vegetated bends and the characterisation of turbulence in these flows.
Dimitri Solomatine
Professor of Hydroinformatics, IHE Delft
Prof. Dimitri Solomatine received his PhD from the Institute of Systems Analysis (Russian Academy of Sciences) in 1984 and he is with IHE Delft Institute for Water Education (Delft) from 1990; from 2006 he is the head of the Hydroinformatics Chair group.
Andreja Jonoski
Andreja Jonoski is an Associate Professor of Hydroinformatics within the Hydroinformatics Chair Group at IHE Delft Institute for water education, with teaching and research responsibilities in hydroinformatics, groundwater modelling, hydrological and hydraulic modelling, coupling of simulation models with optimisation models, decision support systems and Internet- and mobile phone-based distributed applications.
Ioanna Popescu
Ioana Popescu is currently Associate Professor of Hydroinformatics at IHE Delft Institute for Water Education in Delft, The Netherlands. Her research focuses on computational methods, aspects of flood modeling and vulnerability related to floods, lake and reservoir modeling and water supply systems modeling and optimisation. She is particularly interested in integrating mathematical models into decision support systems.
Gerald Corzo
Gerald A. Corzo has extensive experience in modelling water resources using advanced ICT technology. Since the last four year he has been working on the use of global hydrological models ensemble and their uncertainty for climate change analysis. In 2012 he won the Tison award as young scientist from the IAHR association. His work cover extreme natural events like the research in forecasting and analyzing flood and drought by the development of hydroinformatics technologies.
Leonardo Alfonso
Leonardo Alfonso is a Civil Engineer of the National University of Colombia. He has a combined consultancy and research experience in water modelling. He holds an MSc degree in Water Science and Engineering, specialisation Hydroinformatics at IHE Delft and a PhD degree in the same field from IHE Delft / TU Delft.
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