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An international adventure

Doing a European master is not only about studying. As you journey through Europe you will have the chance to get to know many new places, experiences and friends. Take a look at what some of our past students got up to.

Traveling through different countries, making lifelong friendships, learning about different cultures and dealing with different systems help to grow as a person and also enhance the capabilities for future upcoming life situations. Taking this degree was one of the best decisions in my life!

Imra Hodzic, EMFRM Course Representative 2014-2016

Dresden, Autumn/Winter,
Year 1

Dresden is a beautiful city: explore the historic Altstadt, the alternative art in Neustadt, or just relax by the river Elbe. FRM students have plenty of opportunities to visit the famous Dresden Christmas market and the mountains of the Sachsicher Schweiz. 

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Delft, Spring/Summer,
Year 1

The study schedule in IHE Delft is full but students still find plenty of time to visit the famous cities, flower fields and windmills of the Netherlands (and for some, to learn to ride a bike!).

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A changing selection of field trips are offered throughout the course. Here are FRM3 on a residential fieldtrip to look at coastal flooding the island of Sylt in the North of Germany.


A three-week field trip to Florida's Everglades is the highlight of Semester 2.

Fieldtrip Everglades,
May Year 1

Students have used themonth-long summer break to take a trip home, do an internship or visit other countries in Europe, such as Turkey!


The half-semester in Barcelona has something for everyone: FC Barcelona, a great city and the beach!

Barcelona, Autumn
Year 2

A snowy half-semester in Ljubljana rounds off the taught part of the master and students head off to start their thesis placements.

September Year 2

The master ends with a final reunion in Delft, the Netherlands and a graduation ceremony and dinner at IHE Delft. The students make quick presentations of their thesis and receive their well-deserved diplomas.

Winter Year 2
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